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Welcome to misOramen.
We are a small-scale scanlations site that is currently scanlating only a few projects at a time. Our releases can be obtained from our forum.
We hope you enjoy your stay.



27th April 08

Another year has passed already.
I hope we're all nice and well.
My staff have all run off without me...sigh. (But then again, I abandoned them first)
A quick update to say that, yes, even though no releases have been made, I do realise we're dead. And our hiatus has run for far too long.
But, we'll be back soon.
I'm looking at some new project opportunities.
If anyone has any suggestions, as always, feel free to forward those to me.
And just as a final note thing, wish me good luck.
This is the year!
Whether or not I get into uni all depends on this year.
And goodbye.


19th April 08

Well, hasn't it been a while already.
Missing us already? It's really our fault. I'm sorry! =(
We'll try to get SIdK out asap, and the next Akusaga chapter as well as Butterfly Lovers.
So much to do! So little time!


16th November 07

Happy birthday to bambooee on the 21st November!!!
We are also contemplating scanlating two new projects, Kotetsu no hana and Akusaga, when we get ou hands on the raws.
We are still in need of scanners, so if you're interested, please contact us!


5th November 07

Just wanted to say happy birthday to emY who turned 16 on the 1st of November.
Also, we're looking for a new project to pick up soon, so if anyone has any series they'd like see scanlated, do tell us.
Note: If any scanlations groups are missing chinese translators for various projects, we are willing to do joint projects!
And lastly, we still need:
1. scanners [you get to choose what we scanlate next!]


8th August 07

I just wanted to say that, the second chapter of Shiawase Ikura de Kaemasuka? has already been sent to Shoujo Crusade!
Also, a new project in conjunction with M.N.M Scans will be started soon! It's going to be another one of Usami Maki's works, Hatare Venus!


13th July 07

As of our next releases onwards, all downloads will only be available from our forum.
Our new Forum

That's all for now,


12th July 07

Well hello everyone again!
I hope everyone didn't miss us for too long! Finally the full chapter 1 of Shiawase Ikura de Kaemasuka? is out! Aren't we all excited? *say yes here*
Since, both Shoujo Crusade and us, wanted to scanlate this lovely series by Usami Maki, the next releases will all be of a joint effort.

As usual, I'm going to have to emphasise on how desperately we need more people...if you're interested, please contact us here! I promise we won't bite! Well that's all for today then.

wongi EDIT: we have reached 1000+ viewers! *well i think it's an achievement...*

6th July 07

Our first release is finally out!!! I hope you're all as happy snappy as I am about this...I was very, very excited to upload it and everything. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!
Next I'd like to emphasise how important it is to us to get more people on the team to help out. If you're even a tad bit interested, please contact us.
Also, before I leave you to whatever you were about to do, I would like to add that: If any projects ever get liscenced in english, please do NOT keep sharing them or whatever!
If you are interested in hosting our project *HA! singular* please contact us, we'd be happy for you to.


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